Why buy new?

Building your new home with Cairns Quality Homes gives you a great opportunity to create the home of your dreams. You can personalise your home to suit your tastes and style, without the need to redecorate or renovate.


No nasty surprises

With our extensive range of guarantees, standard inclusions and commitment to deliver the perfect home, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your home from the day you’re handed the keys. Buying a second hand home can come with a whole host of hidden problems that you will need to fix, at your own expense and time. However when you build a new home with Cairns Quality Homes, any maintenance requirements are covered for up to six months and structural issues for up to six years.

Our new homes are more energy efficient

All our homes are built to a minimum 6-star energy efficiency rating, designed to minimise waste and be kinder to the environment. A 6-star rated home is not only more comfortable to live in, homeowners also benefit from reduced electricity bills as less energy is required to cool or heat your home.

As part of the design process we look at the orientation of living areas, with well-located and designed windows to capture breezes and wider eaves and window awnings to maximise shading. Insulation and ventilation along with treated glazing all add up to a smaller carbon footprint, lower running costs and cosier living spaces.

Standard Inclusions

  • Site inspections and concept design
  • 6 month maintenance period
  • A range of external features
  • Security
  • Selection of bathroom fittings
  • Laundry fixtures and fittings
  • Floor coverings
  • Large family sized bedrooms
  • Kitchen fixtures and fittings
  • Quality light fittings
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