What Costs Can You Expect to Pay When Building a House?

Building your home in Cairns is a huge undertaking and will most likely be one of your biggest financial assets. Construction is an endeavour which entails a wide variety of different costs. In this post, we will investigate the expected expenses.

The Land

Unfortunately, you can’t just pitch a spot for you house as a bird does a tree for its nest. Buying the site is one of the main costs of your house building project. The location, size, features of the land and what will need doing to it to make it safe all make up the price. You may have to complete soil tests, have it surveyed, cleared etc.

The Building Process

Along with the land, the building itself will make up a massive proportion of the costs. You can read up on averages of prices per square metre and see variations per state and for type of home you prefer. Once you have a firm idea of the size and storeys you’d like, you can then approach Cairns home building companies and start to calculate specifics.

Be prepared for additional costs for design/architectural work. Labour is also a hefty cost, but you’ll reap the rewards of a professional job. Try and figure out where you draw both your practical and creative lines. Accept what you’re capable of DIYing and leave the rest to the experts. Taking on more than you can or cutting corners could financially damage you in the long run. 

Fitting, Fixtures & Materials

Houses require an array of facilities and comforts in order to function as a modern home. This is where quality level and aesthetics come into play. You’ll select what materials, brands and business to use for key fittings and fixtures around your home. As well as the sources and materials, installation will have a price – plumbing, electrical and carpentry work are all expected costs.

Other Extras

Once you have the basics down then the fun really begins! The above are most definitely the priorities but to transform a house into a home you must be prepared to add in your dreams and desires. Maybe you long for features like the ones below …

  • Double garage
  • Al fresco area
  • Pool
  • 3 storeys
  • Ensuite
  • Media/cinema room
  • Open living
  • Smart technology


Along with these amazing embellishments you will have to think about the interior design and whether you want to add unique flourishes to your spaces.

Expectations vs Reality

We’ve all seen the memes – but they couldn’t be more applicable to a house building project. After all, remember that “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’ That’s not to say that anything will necessarily go wrong, but it’s better safe than sorry. Or it could be that you really want that gorgeous winding staircase or top of the range induction hob top. So, after you’ve calculated all the costs you’ve thought of for now, make one more section. Label it ‘just in case costs.’ Simply because nothing is more expected than the unexpected and you never know what you could end up wanting.

There is no doubting that building a home will cost a lot. You may have already anticipated many of the expenditures or still not really be sure about the true cost of it all. No matter what stage of the financial planning you’re at, always bear in mind that each homebuilder is different and therefore, will have their own personal set of costs. Always ask questions, always get all the information you need, do your homework and don’t be afraid to search around for quotes. There are also several schemes you can check out to help you with the costs such as the First Home Buyer and Homebuilder Grants.

If you have any further queries, why not get in touch with us here at Cairns Quality Homes? We’ll happily talk you through our processes and iron out any creases of confusion surrounding house building expenses.

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