New Construction Homes For Under 200k

With house prices in Cairns on the increase, and first-time buyers struggling to get on the property ladder in Queensland, the idea of getting new homes for under $200k seems like a pipe dream.

However, what if you could build? New construction homes for under $200k is something that you can achieve when you build with Cairns Quality Homes.

Can I Get A New Home For Under $200k?

Cairns Quality Homes have been helping Queenslanders just like you to build the perfect new construction homes, and we know exactly how to make the most of any budget to ensure that our clients get the home they really want. Our experts have years of experience in building, construction, design, and maintenance that we can use to help you create the perfect new construction house for under $200k.

What To Look For In A House Builder

When we first started as building designers in Cairns, we realised that there was a real need for luxury homes in Cairns – and that is what we offer. We create aspirational and practical homes that offer a surprisingly affordable way to not only own a home, but also to make it perfectly personalised.

If you are considering new construction homes for under $200k, here are our top tips on what to look for:

  • Previous Builds
  • Find out if your chosen construction company has completed a home like yours already. It is important that you can see these in person if possible, to fully assess the build and the quality of the finish. Your are welcome to book an appointment with CQH to visit our display homes near Cairns.

  • What Services do they Offer?
  • Some construction companies may not offer a full service, end-to-end process. Be sure to find out if you will need to hire other experts or contractors (for example, architects, inspectors or even builders).

  • Client Satisfaction
  • Looking for reviews of the company will help you decide on whether their customer service is good enough. You want to be sure that you are choosing a company that is client-focused and will go above and beyond for your satisfaction.

  • Design and Build?
  • If you are looking for a cleverly designed, pre-planned property, can your construction company provide a choice of designs? Are they able to create a design from your ideas?

  • Land Purchase?
  • When you are building a home, you might have already purchased some land before you approach a company. Make sure they can adapt their designs to suit the topography and orientation. CQH can alternatively offer you a convenient House and Land packag in Cairns to help you with both matters.

  • Standard Inclusions
  • Be sure to understand exactly what comes with your build. Are they going to complete it, including fixtures and fittings, flooring, and landscaping? Some construction companies have limited standard inclusions and will charge more for the ‘finishing touches.

If you need some inspiration to start picturing your new build home, you can browse our range of house plans online:

The Cairns Quality Homes Difference & How We Can Help You To Achieve Your Dream New Construction Home For Under 200k

From the first appointment to handing over the keys to your beautiful new property, here at Cairns Quality Homes we are committed to getting it right. We know how important the client-builder relationship is and that is why when we begin your build, you will have a dedicated project manager who will be available at any time for questions, will keep you updated on the progress, and be sure that if there are any problems or issues, they are solved quickly. With 59 standard inclusions on every property, architects, interior designers and other contractors on the team, and a wide range of off-the-shelf designs, we have a full-service process that takes you from planning to finished construction – so when we hand the keys over, the property is ready to be lived in.

Our service levels are the same, whether you are looking for new construction homes for under $200k or you are ready to spend millions – and that is why you need to speak to Cairns Quality Homes before you build.

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