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Discover our extensive range of exclusive house plans. Whether you are looking for 2, 3 or 4 bedroom plans, we have a solution to suit you. If you are looking for something unique, get in touch to see how we can help build the home of your dreams.
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Your Dream 2 Bedroom House Floor Plans

If you’re on the lookout for a two-bedroom home, one of the very best options is to build your own property from scratch! After all, this option not only allows you to create a valuable and desirable new asset that suits your tastes and requirements exactly, but it also means you will also be able to save on stamp duty, maximise tax benefits and minimise maintenance costs.

Why Choose Cairns Quality Homes To Develop Your 2 Bedroom House Plans In QLD?

It’s extremely difficult to achieve 2 bedroom house floor plans and renderings that have been as carefully and expertly developed as those from Cairns Quality Homes.

Over our years in the industry, we have built up a diverse roster of more than 30 stunning designs, enabling clients to choose the property that best suits their tastes and requirements and providing our expert builders with clear blueprints that allow for smooth, swift, affordable projects each time.

Naturally, we appreciate that many of our clients are looking for something unique that reflects their individual tastes and needs - which is why we offer a highly flexible approach. You are welcome to choose the features and finishings for your ideal property. Our experts will then decide how best to implement your ideas in a way that will look stunning and stand the test of time. All of the materials and techniques we use are designed to produce superb results for exceptional value.

We’ll be in close contact with you from the moment you get in touch to discuss your 2 bedroom house floor plans, to the date you move in and beyond, ready to listen to your ideas and deliver a design that fits your specifications precisely. We also have House and Land packages in Cairns available as a turnkey option, allowing you to pick from our selection of homes on acreage plots located less than ten minutes from the CBD.

Choose Cairns Quality Homes For Your Ideal 3 Bedroom House Plan Design

Three bedroom properties have remained the most popular option across Australia in recent years, and with good reason. Whether you intend to use all available rooms as sleeping quarters or you’re on the lookout for a great space to serve as a home office, buildings of this kind have excellent potential.

The team at Cairns Quality Homes has been expertly developing 3 bedroom house floor plans and renderings in Queensland for more than 30 years. We design and build brand new properties based on techniques and approaches perfected throughout our time in the industry.

As award winning members of Master Builders Queensland and affiliates of the Housing Industry Association, we can guarantee that all of our work for you will be completed to the highest possible standard.

Let’s Get Started On The Floor Plan For Your Next 3 Bedroom House

The first step towards owning a brand new three bedroom property is to contact our team and arrange a no-obligation consultation. It’s in this meeting that you can tell us your design ideas and explain your specific needs and requirements. We can then start to provide handy advice and work with you on the beginnings of your 3 bedroom house plan.

Cairns Quality Homes: Experts In The Development Of 4 Bedroom House Plans

With a roster of more than 30 designs to choose from, it’s extremely easy to get started on a brand new build home that has all of the features you require.

From the elegant and modern Turin to the classic Bougainville Farm House, the options we have available are created to appeal to the broadest possible collection of tastes and preferences.

Our 4 Bedroom House Floor Plans

We have a range of beautiful four bedroom house plans available, including single and multiple storey options. You can search our selection by plot size, number of bathrooms and number of garages, or simply take your time to view each in turn. You can also browse our range of 2 bedroom house plans and 3 bedroom house plans.

Of course, you don’t need to stick precisely to the plans we provide - the Cairns Quality Homes team is exceptionally flexible in our approach, which means that you can request as many tweaks and adjustments as you wish and we’ll work hard to make your ideas a reality.

You can even approach us with suggestions for a completely unique property. We’re used to tackling exciting challenges, so we always look forward to hearing your thoughts.

As an alternative turnkey option, you can choose one of our House and Land packages in Cairns. These beautiful properties are situated within ten minutes of the CBD, combining our expertly constructed houses with attractive plots to create highly desirable homes that are also wonderful investment opportunities.

Begin The Development Of Your Dream House Floor Plans In QLD Today

All you need to do to get started is to arrange a no-obligation consultation with us at a time that best suits you.

We also highly recommend that you take a look at the house plans and renderings displayed on our website, as this will give you a clear idea of what to expect and a basis for your thoughts and ideas. You can easily browse our range of:

  • 2 bedroom house plans
  • 3 bedroom house plans
  • 4 bedroom house plans

Remember, you can be as “hands-on” or “hands-off” as you choose throughout the process. After all, you’ll be working with seasoned experts. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you may have and to provide advice. This will be the case throughout your experience with us.
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Plot width

No of bedrooms

No of bathrooms

No of garages

The Kym

Building Area: 249 m2

A modified version of The Tinisha, The Kym has four bedrooms, a dedicated media room and an open plan kitchen, dining and living

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages

The Addison

Building Area: 220 m2

This compact four bedroom family home, complete with open plan kitchen, dining and living area, has everything you

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages

The Stacey

Building Area: 286 m2

Spread over one level, this family home features two bedrooms with built in wardrobes, a junior master with a walk in wardrobe and private ensuite and a master bedroom with a large walk in wardrobe and private ensuite.

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 0 Garages

The Kelsey

Building Area: 211 m2

This home has two separate halves which are not accessible to each other from the inside and are therefore completely private from each other. However the design can be reconfigured to become one

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages

The Caitlyn

Building Area: 256 m2

Boasting a stunning Coffered/Vaulted Ceiling Over Living Areas this family home features three bedrooms with built in wardrobes, and a master bedroom with a large walk in wardrobe and private

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages

The Luxor

Building Area: 209.62 m2

In the Luxor it's about balance. This home gets it right with the perfect mix of zoned living space and comfortable accommodation.

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages

The Marriott

Building Area: 293m2

The Marriott achieves a balance that few homes manage - cool and contemporary yet family-focussed and relaxed.

  • 4 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages

The Stamford

Building Area: 193.91 m2

'A winning way with space', 'an outstanding approach to style and an emphasis on quality' all describe the impeccably designed Stamford.

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages


Building Area: 223.69 m2

As you would expect, the attractively appointed and stylishly spacious Turin is designed for long-term satisfaction.

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages

The Eleyah

Building Area: 166 m2

This simple three bedroom floor plan design is ideal for low budgets and small families.

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 2 Bathrooms
  • 2 Garages
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