Seven Reasons Why the Northern Beaches are the Perfect Place to Build Your Home

Most people like to be on holiday and have happy memories of the places they’ve been. Having a home in the Northern Beaches area can be like being on holiday all the time and there are plenty of other benefits to be gained from living there. So buy a house in Cairns or the surrounding area and you’ll never regret it.

1. Location

Northern Beaches is one of the most beautiful areas in the country with wonderful sea and coastal views as well as inland outlooks to the rain forests and hills. It’s the ideal place for builders in Palm Cove and similar areas to create wonderful homes that really blend in with their surroundings. Being away from city centres, it’s also a safe and secure place to bring up your children and for families to be.

2. Lifestyle

Living within the Northern Beaches, as many builders in Trinity Beach realise, is almost like being on holiday all the time. It’s a great laid back, outdoor lifestyle with plenty of amazing walks, access to the beach for swimming, surfing and boating, and the chance to enjoy the wonderful weather.

3. Culture

The Northern Beaches area has a unique cultural feel and plenty of opportunities for exploring and trying new things. There is a wide range of restaurants serving local and international cuisine plus lots of other places for an exciting social life.

4. Value for Money

Being away from the main city centres, the area offers great value for money in terms of property values. Large and impressive houses often go for prices no higher than some city centre apartments but offer so much more. But with the attraction of the area and builders in Kuranda and other Northern Beach areas offering such great value, that may not last much longer.

5. Changing Preferences

The Covid pandemic has increased the trend for home working and made people realise that daily commuting is not essential. As a result, there’s a reduced need for city centre living to be near work and an increased opportunity to live in much nicer places, such as the Northern Beaches. It’s a chance to swap travelling time for increased leisure time and has changed the emphasis from city centre and suburban buying to more remote properties.

6. Investment

Increased demand and a lack of availability have meant that desirable housing and building plots are in short supply. This has pushed up sales prices and also improved rental yields, which are on average going up 7% each year. Property and holiday accommodation searches are increasing as interest grows so capital growth and rental yield increases are likely to continue.

7. Potential

The value of living in the Northern Beaches area is well-known but other factors mean this is now realised by even more people. As a result, the area’s potential is growing quickly and demand is increasing as well as an improved infrastructure that will support a larger population. Consequently, the popularity of the area can only increase, emphasising even more the many reasons for building a home in the area.

Five House Buying Tips You Need to Know

Buying a new house is an exciting prospect but also a challenging one, especially for a first-time buyer. But there are plenty of new construction homes available so here are some tips to help you get the right one.

1. Plan and Prepare

The benefits of proper research and preparation cannot be over-emphasised to buy a house in Cairns. Leaping into something without planning can cause much heartache as well as unnecessary expense.

You need to be ready for the commitment, which normally means having a stable lifestyle and a secure job to support the investment. Decide on the type of property you need, which will not only be based on the style and location but also the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the overall space you require.

2. Sorting your Finances

This is exceedingly important because it will determine the type and size of house you can afford. Start by looking at your credit file to find your credit rating, which will determine how much you are able to borrow. If the rating is bad, improve it by paying off credit cards and other debts, reducing credit card limits and terminating unused cards.

Consult a financial adviser or lender to find out what you can borrow and the terms of the loan. This will be better and cheaper if you provide a minimum 20% deposit since this will avoid the need for Lender’s Mortgage Insurance, which is an additional cost. Allow for other costs, such as stamp duty, legal fees, insurance, moving costs and building and pest inspections so you have enough money to pay for everything. If so, get pre-approval for a suitable loan so you’re in a position to move quickly once you find the house you want.

3. Choose your Property

If buying a new home, there are many house and land packages in Cairns to choose the exact combination you need. This is often cheaper than buying an established property and gives you more flexibility.

Always be practical so you’re not carried away by emotions and buy something unsuitable. The most important factors are that you buy a home you really like and which works for you in terms of the number and size of rooms as well as the overall plot. Don’t go over your budget and be aware of ongoing costs you’ll have after buying the house.

4. Ensure it’s the Right House

Once you’ve found an affordable property you like, do some checks before finalising the deal. Make sure it’s a good location with suitable amenities, infrastructure and transport links.

For an established property, it’s essential you pay for structural and pest inspections to ensure you’re not buying problems that will cost you a lot of money in the long-term. If you’re choosing new houses to buy, however, they’ll be covered by a ten-year warranty so you’ll avoid that expense.

5. Sealing the Deal

If buying an established property, you may be able to make an offer but need to be realistic. Going too low may lose you the deal to a higher bid while too high will mean you’re paying over the odds. Get a professional valuation and look at other local properties for a proper idea and, if you’re bid’s accepted, it’s just a matter of completing the legalities and moving in.

As Cairns builders, we’ll always have plenty of suitable properties in good areas at the best prices. That takes many complexities out of the process so you can find the home you want.