At Cairns Quality Homes they pride themselves on individuality – every home they build is specifically tailored to for their clients’ needs. They value their clients, and believe that the client-builder relationship is a critical success factor for a construction company. The optimal way to foster that relationship is giving the clients what they want.

Managing Director of Cairns Quality Homes, Phillip Terranova, has been providing that personalised service fort almost 30 years now, since getting into business in 1983. Before Cairns Quality Homes, Phillip started off as an apprentice carpenter in the 1970s. He put in his time there, finished the program, and then moved into doing renovations. From there, he shifted slowly into building houses as well. Growing the business in that way proved to be an asset because of the depth of the knowledge and experience he was able to amass.

Cairns Quality Homes began because Phillip and his team saw a gap in the market that they had the ability to fill. “We basically felt that there was a need for up-market homes,” he says. “So we decided to call our business Cairns Quality Homes as a way of backing ourselves into doing that.” Unlike a lot of project builders, Cairns Quality Homes flourishes in the market of one-off homes. “If they give us something a little bit different or difficult, we actually thrive on that,” Phillip says. At Cairns Quality Homes, they will work from their own architectural designs, or their client’s – they are very flexible. “If a client comes in with a bit of paper with a scribble on it, we will convert it into a house that is workable and practical.”

The homes that Cairns Quality Homes build, in addition to being personalised, utilise unique architectural designs that are both affordable and practical. They also aim for energy efficiency in all matters.

Another point of pride for Cairns Quality Homes is there customer service and commitment to getting it right. “If there are any problems, we go through and make sure we sort them out as quickly as possible.” After a job is completed, the clients never come back to them with problems. “We like one-on-one client relations, so we have that really good personal service.” Because Cairns Quality Homes is able to keep its customers so happy, they end up with a sustainable amount of repeat work.

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